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Eight Immune System Supporting Functions: 8 in 1


1) Cordyceps Mushroom enhances oxygen uptake for improved lung function*


2) Red Beet feeds friendly gut bacteria for robust immune response*


3) Quercetin supports an increase T Cells and Helper B Cells for adaptive immune response*


4) Pine Bark Extract combats inflammation and supports heart function*


5) Milk Thistle aids in improving detoxification of the liver*


6) Creatine promotes ATP regeneration in the ATP-ADP equilibrium complex*


7) L-citrulline promotes nitric oxide production via conversion to L-arginine for improved blood flow and lower oxidative stress*


8) Rhodiola supports lower cortisol production during immune response for stress reduction* 

Immuno Fortify

SKU: 0001
  • Immuno Fortify is a unique blend of potent herbs and vitamins that support a healthy and resilient immune system.* 

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